TableTop-FX Graphics Polish


So I spent a good bit of time polishing the graphics on my Tabletop-FX project. I improved the magic spell effects, adding branching to the lightning and an animated trail to the magic missiles. The new magic missile trail is actually a large particle simulation in houdini that I turned into an animated sprite. I also modeled some chess pieces (in Houdini!) to replace my old models. To go with the new theme I also made a chessboard texture for the board. Anyway, let me know in the comments if you have any ideas or suggestions. ( I could use some comments on my blog that aren’t from spammers!)


  • Michael says:

    That’s really cool! Magic missile is pretty.

    Might be pretty hard, but I wonder if you could make the chess pieces destructible….

  • James Littlejohn says:

    I should make the pieces destructible! Maybe I could do something with the Houdini Engine…

  • vich says:

    cool, How about rotating camera? now only supports translate.

    and Question… magic missle trail was done by pyro sim or pop? it is pretty cool

  • vich says:

    oh you said it was done by houdini particle… sorry

  • James Littlejohn says:

    Hi Vich, yeah I should probably make the camera rotate at some point. And your correct the magic missile trail is a Houdini particle sim.

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