Explosion Compositing

I tweaked my explosion in nuke to give it an old film look.

Explosion V2

WIP Explosion from James Littlejohn on Vimeo.

I haven’t had much time to work on personal projects recently, but I found a bit of time to work on my artillery shell explosion.

Fractal Flame Project

Python Fractal Flame from James Littlejohn on Vimeo.

Sytem Created in Houdini using a Python sop. based off fractal flame algorithm

This Project was actually completed half a year ago but I never got around to putting it up on the web.

Final Version of Genesis

I completed this about two months ago but had been taking a break over the winter holiday and didn’t get around to posting it up here.



Studio 1 Final from James Littlejohn on Vimeo.

Class 19

Almost done!

Genesis Class 19 from James Littlejohn on Vimeo.

I showed this to my class monday and got good feedback and constructive criticism. Right now I’m working on perfecting the final version which should be done in a few hours.

Nebula Week 8

Nebula Week 8 from James Littlejohn on Vimeo.

This is a Test of the first third of my project as of week 8. It was actually done a few days ago but I only just now put it up online. The major changes are the addition of sparse gas coming off the nebula and a foreground structure to give the scene a better sense of depth.

Genesis Nebula Sim Test

Nebula to Human Test from James Littlejohn on Vimeo.

This is a new test I did for the transformation of the nebula into a woman. to get the attract fluid system to work I had to forget about using an UpRes simulation and just increase the number of divisions in the smoke container to 100. Also it is now using an Animated target but the target is not moving fast enough to really notice it.

Genesis Previs

Genesis Previs from James Littlejohn on Vimeo.

This is a PreVis for my Studio 1 project. The idea is that the camera dollys into the nebula, sees the formation of bones and then dollys out to see the whole body finally take form. Originally this was going to be multiple shots but as I was doing the PreVis I realized that doing one continuous shot would be the best way to present the idea. Having multiple shots just felt like it would confuse the viewer.

Dynamic Tree

VSFX 428 Final from James Littlejohn on Vimeo.

This is my VSFX 428 Final. The idea started with me adding a dynamic tree to my matte painting from last quarter but as the project evolved the only thing that remained from the matte painting was the building. The Tree and grass are both animated using wire simulations in Houdini. It was difficult to get their movements to look correct but I think I got pretty close.

Vex Woes

So I’ve been trying to create a vex version of the Fractal Flame system I implemented in python. Unfortunately the pcwrite command does not seem to work in the sop context of vex so I can iterate over my points multiple times but their is no way to output or plot each of those iterations. I hacked something together using a ForEach node but it was slower than the equivalent operation written in python. This is very frustrating because I’ve tested vex and when it is just crunching the numbers it is orders of magnitude faster than python.

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